Friday, August 31, 2007

Texas New Anti-Tethering Law Begins 9/1/7

Effective September 1, all laws passed by the Texas Legislature this spring will go into effect, including many that will improve the lives of animals in Texas. Among them is HB 1411, which addresses the UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT OF DOGS, commonly known as the chaining or tethering of dogs. In general, it is now against the law to leave a dog chained up between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.; for longer than 3 hours; when the temperature is below 32 degrees; or during a heat advisory or tornado warning.

The new law also addresses the length of a restraint—at least 10 feet or fives times the length of the dog—and the types of collars that cannot be used.

If you know of someone who is violating this new law, contact Animal Services or call 911 immediately. YOU can make a difference in the quality of life for a neglected dog. For a printable copy of the entire law, click here.

The dog in this picture? She's been chained in East Texas all her life, but thanks to some hard-working local rescuers, she'll soon be safe in the arms of Homeward Bound Animal Rescue and looking for a new family who'll help her start life over.


Anonymous said...

The link to the printable copy of the law doesn't work. Could you edit it? Thank you!!

Companions For Life said...

It is fixed! Thank you for letting us know there was a problem!

Anonymous said...

I looked up the text of this bill, and the information in your blog and your poster is incomplete and somewhat misleading.

Dogs CAN be tethered, apparently at any time, if their tether is the longer of 5 times their length from tip of nose to base of tail or 10 feet, as long as the tether is not connected to a collar that is pinch, prong, choke, or improperly fitted; the tether is not unsafe; and does not cause injury to the dog.

If the tether or collar does not meet the above conditions, the dog cannot be tethered outside and unattended between 10 PM and 6 AM; within 500 feet of the premises of a school; during extreme weather conditions (actual or effective temp below 32; heat advisory issued; hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado warning issued.)

A dog on a running line, pulley, or trolley system is exempted as long as the collar meets the above guidelines.

There are other exceptions, including handheld leashes and a variety of other short-term legitimate reasons for tethering such as to be in compliance with a federal, state, or local camping or recreational area rule; while the owner completes a necessary task that takes 3 hours or less per 24 hours; while doing farm, shepherding, or herding work; etc.

Collar means any collar constructed of nylon, leather, or similar material, specifically designed to be used for a dog.

A properly fitted collar must be the circumference of the dog's neck plus one inch.

Anonymous said...

This law is not working, I called officials the dogs are on short chains as long as my arm not in a fence, but out front beside the house connected to weights.
They are out there 24/7 and are just puppies 2 of them.

A local officer came buy and the guy lied to them about how long these dogs are out side but I see them out all night long, and all day long.

I am frustrated because we get heat waves up to like 106 and these are just puppies yes they do have shelter but it still has to be very hot either way.

This law needs more work.